How To: Download and install the Handbrake DVD ripping tool

Download and install the Handbrake DVD ripping tool

This video tutorial from dproxisback presents how to download and install Handbrake DVD ripping tool.To avoid installation problems, carefully choose application version for each type of computer and operating system.Open your internet browser and visit web page.Choose correct version for your type of operating system (MacOS, Linux, Windows).Download and install the application. Run Handbrake once it's installed.Click File-Select Source. Browse for your file/DVD you want to rip/convert. Click Open. Wait until application scans DVD. Choose what format it will be converted to.Click Start and wait until the process is complete. The whole procedure make take time.Once it is complete your DVD will be ripped/converted into format you chose.Handbrake application allows to create very good quality converted videos.

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