How To: Mount an ISO file using Daemon Tools on your computer

Mount an ISO file using Daemon Tools on your computer

In this video the tutor shows how to mount an ISO using Daemon tools. Using daemon tools you can install virtual drives and mount ISO files on them. First download and install the daemon tools from the link given in the video. After installing right click the daemon tools icon in the notification area. From the right click menu go to CD/DVD-ROM option and from the sub menu select the number of devices that you want. You can set up to 4 drives from the options. Dameon setups the drive in a few seconds. From the same menu select the mount device option, browse to the location of the ISO file and open it. This mounts the image to the virtual drive and you can use the virtual drive as any other normal drive. This video shows how to use daemon tools to setup up virtual drives to use ISO files.

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