How To: Shoot a bow in Pivot

Shoot a bow in Pivot

In this Software video tutorial you are going to learn how to shoot a bow in Pivot. Open Pivot and select a stick. You can adjust the size of the working space. Adjust the position of the stick in to an arrow shooting position. Then put a bow in his hand and move up the arm to a horizontal position and move the bow in a similar manner. For every new position, click on 'new figure' and then adjust the position. While stopping, make the gaps smaller. Now start moving up the other arm. Then move the arm backward by bending the elbow. With each movement of the arm, move the ends of the bow and the string to match the arm. Now add the arrow with end of the arrow being in the red dot of the bow string. Then make about 10 frames of this position. Watch the video for further instructions.

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