How To: Install ISO game files with the use of Daemon Tools

Install ISO game files with the use of Daemon Tools

In this video, the poster is teaching YouTube users how to use Daemon Tools mount games image files. That's very useful to many people that cannot burn ISOS or any other image files into a blank media (CD, DVD). With the tips provided by this video, anyone can use Daemon Tools to mount the image in a virtual CD/DVD drive. Daemon Tools is a Freeware program and you can download it at many websites on the internet.

Here's a little summary about the poster lessons.

1 – Start Daemon Tools.
2 – Right click on the start menu icon. Choose virtual cd/dvd.
3 – Choose Device 1 (this will create the virtual cd/dvd drive which you will mount your image).
3 – Choose "Mount Image" (browse the image you want to mount).
Finished! The image is mounted! Now you can install a game or a program simulating that you have their CD/DVD!

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what if the game is insatlled and all but is still asking me to install cd in cd drive?

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