How To: Digitally modify your eye color for free with GIMP

Digitally modify your eye color for free with GIMP

Stevmay09 will be teaching you how to digitally modify your eye color for free using GIMP. First you need to zoom in on the eyeball then click on the free select tool. Then start on the corner of the eye and make your way around the entire eye. Once you have the area around the eye selected you need to create a new layer. Make sure its filled with transparency then select the color you would like the eye to be. Then get the paint brush tool and select the icon shown then increase the scale and decrease the opacity to about 70. You may need to adjust the scale until the eye looks correct. Then once you've colored the eye you need to select the eraser tool and make the scale about the size of the center of the eye, then erase it until it looks correct.

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