How To: Composite video in Autodesk Toxik

Composite video in Autodesk Toxik

The Lynda Podcast teaches viewers how to composite a video using Autodesk Toxik program. First, you need to import your footage so go to file and import. Import the files that you would like to composite together. Now that you have your files, you should arrange them in the order that you want to composite them. What you want to be first, should be on top. To composite, add in a rendering not by right clicking and click add to pick list. You can pick 'Blend and comp' to composite the files together. To do this, click the files and drag them to the blend and comp. If you need to disconnect the link, click ctrl and shift. You can also edit your blend and comp by clicking blend and comp and toggling all of the different settings. You can blend and comp multiple files by following the same blend and comp procedures and adding them to each other! If it starts getting messing you can simply right click and choose layout all! Now you can successfully blend and comp any amount and type of images in Toxik!

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