How To: Test usability without coding in the Visual Prototyper

Test usability without coding in the Visual Prototyper

The Visual Prototyper is a wireframe design solution that allows you to design a fully functional application wireframe and simulate it.

This Justinmind video tutorial will show you how to test usability without coding in the Visual Prototyper. Experience your software before it's built! Simulate a wireframe to visualize the future of a website, desktop, or mobile app, and create functional wireframes by drag and drop!

Save time and money defining business applications! Many projects fail due to poorly defined requirements and communication gaps between business users and developers. Justinmind's solutions deliver rapid ROI by validating "test-driven" applications in a simulation environment where mistakes are inexpensive and easily corrected. Avoid rework in all project phases with the Justinmind Visual Prototyper.

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