How To: Make web browser bookmarks with Visual Basic 2008

Make web browser bookmarks with Visual Basic 2008

This video is about making a bookmark for your web browser in Visual Basic 2008.The videos begins with a simple web browser which consists of simple web components, a textbox and a go button. Pull the sides of the browser to stretch it and put in a listbox. Enlarge the listbox and use two buttons below the listbox. Enter the text for the buttons as "Enter current page" and "clear". Now go to selection explorer, double click "my project" and go to settings. Add a new setting called "Bookmarks" and in string select system.collection.specialisedstringcollection. Open the string collection editor and type in the name of the URLs you want to bookmark. Switch to full mode and double click on the form and give the coding on this page for the listbox and the buttons. This video is for those who want to develop a great tool to bookmark their favorite sites.

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i have a project on web browser i need an advanced web browser code to design it plz i need help!!!

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