How To: Download & install Parallels on a Mac

Download & install Parallels on a Mac

How to Install Parallels 4.0 on your Mac

YesWayJosA shows in this video how to install Parallels 4.0 on your Mac. He takes you through step by step by first opening your Safari web browser and pasting the url from the video. This takes you to From there you need to click Download this torrent. The download will take between 5-10 minutes to download. YesWayJosA shows how to open the Parallels folder and double click the image to install Parallels 4.0. This will give you a choice to either install current or download and install a new version. He walks you through clicking continue and reading and agreeing to the terms license agreement. From there you click install and enter your password. Once you click Ok it takes about 2 minutes to install. You will now be able to run Windows directly from your Mac.

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