How To: Use MacSpeech Dictate

Use MacSpeech Dictate

In this video the tutor shows how to use the Mac Speech Dictate with the built-in mic. Mac Speech Dictate is a program that you talk to and it writes for you. Its a dictation tool to which you can dictate and the application writes for you. The negative part about it is that it does not support built in microphone. This video shows how to make it change and work with the built in mic. To do this other than the MacSpeech dictate you will need the Soundflower tool. Soundflower is a really small application, download and install it. Now launch the program and using its audio setup you can change the settings of built in microphone and built in output. Now using this you can make the Mac Speech Dictate work by following the steps shown in this video. This video shows how to use Mac Speech Dictate and make it work with the built-in microphone.

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