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How To: Pre-Built Navigation Menu Bars for Xara Web Designer

Overview of pre-built navigation menus in Xara Web Designer designs gallery. The navigation menus in Xara Web Designers designs gallery allows you to choose from a list of navigation designs without having to design it by hand. If you need assistance using Xara Web Designer let us know and we will do our best to create web design tutorials to help you.

How To: Use Xara Web Designer 7 Premium Graphics Folder in Designs Gallery

Website Design Tutorial for Xara Web Designer - graphics folder in designs gallery. In this web design tutorial learn how to add various graphics, modify colors and remix images to create your own custom icons or logos. The web design tutorial will put some of the concepts you learned in previous web design tutorials to practical real world use. If you need assistance using Xara Web Designer let us know and we will do our best to create web design tutorials to help you.

How To: Add Title, Description, Keywords and/or Phrases for Xara Web Designer 7 Premium

This web design tutorial will teach you how to add titles and descriptions that are relevant to your web page. Also you will learn how to add keywords for your website by using the website properties panel to add relevant keywords and phrases to your document in Xara Web Designer. The concepts taught for this web design tutorial are also referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) meta tags.

How To: Apply Line Strokes in Xara Web Designer 7 Premium

Web Design Tutorial for Xara Web Designer to help you learn how to apply line strokes to objects. Our web design tutorials are geared toward complete beginners although each web design tutorial will go deeper into helping you understand how to use the Xara Web Designer software. Line strokes a beneficial because it allow you to give objects in your web design space a unique look. In this web design tutorial I will experiment and show you some of the different variations of patterns that can b...

How To: Flip Object Horizontal & Flip Vertically in Xara Web Designer

In this Xara web designer tutorial you will learn how to use flip horizontal and vertical feature. The Xara Web Designer flip tool is used to change the orientation of an object. Imagine that the flip tool was a mirror and you could reflect an object in the opposite direction and that will give you an idea of how it works. The Xara Web Designer flip tool is great for creating reflecting objects, which you will get an opportunity to do in a much later tutorial.

How To: HTML Web Design Tutorials for HTML Heading Tags H1 to H6 Lesson 3

This HTML Web Design tutorial will explain how to add a Heading tag for your website. The heading tag is very important because it helps search engines to determine what the main topic is on a particular web page within your website. The HTML codes for heading tags range from h1 to h6 with h1 being the most important or in other words the main heading HTML web design tag. Make sure to give the h1 tag the most importance in terms of titles on your web page for headings. Another rule I recommen...

How To: for HTML Structure - Opening and Closing Tags

Learn how to setup up a basic structure for a HTML web design document, define the HTML version, open and close HTML tags and learn how to apply the proper file extensions when saving document in notepad. This web design tutorial is by no means a complete structure for HTML coding and is only a brief introduction to HTML web design. This video will only go over a brief introduction to the structure of an HTML document and in a future tutorial we will go over additional components that are nee...

How To: What Is HTML Hyper Text Markup Language?

This HTML web design tutorial will explain what HTML is and how it can benefit you rather you are looking to build a website from the ground up or you are planning on using a combination of automated software and HTML Design and need the flexibility to still make fine tune edits to your website. From a simplistic view the primary purpose of HTML design is to interpret and display text based content in a given web browser. For example when you read articles online from places like wall-street ...

How To: Add and or Switch Keyboard Language

In this Windows 8 Tutorial you will learn how to add different languages to your Keyboard. This is very beneficial especially with the world becoming more global and connected. Once you add additional languages to your keyboard you will have the option to switch between those keyboard languages. Although not shown in video if you press the windows key plus the space bar button it will automatically switch between the languages you have activated in Windows 8. In this windows 8 tutorial I will...

How To: Create MouseOver State Xara Web Designer

In this web design tutorial learn how to create a mouseover state using mouseoff and mouseover layers. The mouseover state will allow more interactivity. Basically when a user places their cursor over the mouseoff object the mouseover object will be revealed. Common uses of this feature is to create a color highlight or texture change.

How To: Disable Automatic Maintenance Windows 8

In this Windows 8 Tutorial you will learn how to disable automatic maintenance. Their are really two situations I can think of when you would want to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 8. The first being if your Windows 8 computer came with a Solid State Disk then you will probably want to disable automatic maintenance. The reason being is that a solid state disk does no benefit from defrags and the automatic maintenance automatically defrags your hard drive and this will take away from...

How To: Change Tile Size for Windows 8 Metro Applications

In this Windows 8 Tutorial you will learn how to change the application tile size for metro applications. If the application is not a metro style application you will not be able to re-size it. Their are a few benefits to changing the tile size of applications including the ability to have more applications viewable in smaller space so that you don't have to scroll through assuming you make applications smaller. Enlarging the application will allow you to see more information about that app. ...

How To: Manage Layers Brief Introduction

In this web design tutorial learn to create and delete layers. This web design tutorial for Xara Web Designer also covers deleting pages, deleting objects on different layers and re-arranging layers that have objects on them. A brief discussion about MouseOff Layer and MouseOver layer is also introduced in this Xara Tutorial. I would say this is one of the single most important Xara Web Designer Tutorials because layers allow you to do so many unique things with your website within Xara Web D...

How To: Search Windows 8 Store Applications

In this Windows 8 Tutorial you will learn how to search for application in the Windows 8 store. I know it can be a bit confusing for those who have just moved to the Windows 8 store on how to search for store applications in fact it took me like an hour to figure out how to search because all the visual cues were hidden away. However when you finish watching this Windows 8 tutorial you will see it is as easy as being able type on your keyboard to find applications in the Windows 8 store.

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