How To: for HTML Structure - Opening and Closing Tags

for HTML Structure - Opening and Closing Tags

Learn how to setup up a basic structure for a HTML web design document, define the HTML version, open and close HTML tags and learn how to apply the proper file extensions when saving document in notepad. This web design tutorial is by no means a complete structure for HTML coding and is only a brief introduction to HTML web design. This video will only go over a brief introduction to the structure of an HTML document and in a future tutorial we will go over additional components that are needed to add extra functionality. When saving your document it has to be saved as "html" or "htm" for the file extension. One very important concept that you must understand when you finish watching this video tutorial is opening and closing tags because that is a foundational concept that is necessary for you to become successful at creating proper HTML websites. When we define the document type we will be using the newest version of HTML called HTML5 so that our websites will meet the newest standards of the future. If after watching this web design tutorial you still need help please let us know and we will do our best to assist you with improving your knowledge in HTML.

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