How To: What Is HTML Hyper Text Markup Language?

What Is HTML Hyper Text Markup Language?

This HTML web design tutorial will explain what HTML is and how it can benefit you rather you are looking to build a website from the ground up or you are planning on using a combination of automated software and HTML Design and need the flexibility to still make fine tune edits to your website. From a simplistic view the primary purpose of HTML design is to interpret and display text based content in a given web browser. For example when you read articles online from places like wall-street journal, yahoo and so on; that information is displayed through HTML markup language. However it can do other things including but not limited to displaying images, videos and so on.

One of the ways to easily remember what HTML web design does is to look at it this way, (HTML) "Hyper Text" deals with displaying text and "Markup Language" deals with markup tags. The Markup tags in HTML web design is what allows the browser to interpret and determine what type of content is being displayed. For example if you were writing a paragraph then you would use a HTML markup tag for displaying paragraphs. Throughout this web design series we will focus on the current HTML language, which is HTML 5.

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