How To: Setup and use the SyncVue software

Setup and use the SyncVue software

SyncVue announced at NAB that they would be offering a new version of their remote collaboration software for editors and producers. Well the long awaited update is finally here and all existing SyncVue users will definitely want to grab it. The functionality is improved and the new features are killer. So check out this quick little video tutorial on setting up and using the new version of the software, This walks you through the newest features and how to basically get around.

There are a few things I wish SyncVue would address, namely its reliance on Skype. While I have found ways to make it easier for my clients, it is still a pain to have to download Skype, SyncVue (and the latest version of Quicktime for Windows users) and install those three pieces of software on their system. If SyncVue could incorporate a QT installer and find a way to streamline the Skype situation where there was only the installation of one software package to get all the needed components, it would be much easier to implement this system for clients who are less technically minded.


* Reduces or eliminates the cost and inconvenience of traveling to view media

* Review media with others over long distances using text, graphics tools, pointers and voice notes

* Save time and money by collaborating when and where it's most convenient for you

* Much better then simply posting media to a website for clients

* Superior image quality to live streaming, since media can be progressively download while viewing

* Built-in FTP Transfer Manager

* Ability to immediately view web-based URL media or FTP based media during progressive downloads

* Savable play-lists with all locator metadata attached

* Provides real-time, time-code accurate synchronization of media across local and wide area networks

* Works with ANY codec at ANY resolution supported by QuickTime v7.1 or higher

* Option to connect voice and/or video Skype call when connecting to others in a

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