How To: Use the Zoom and Push Tool in Xara Web Designer

Use the Zoom and Push Tool in Xara Web Designer

Learn to Zoom to page, drawing, selection, previous, 100% and scale by numerical factor using zoom tool in Xara Web Designer. The zoom to page option is great for when you need to see all the web design elements that are shown on your web page at once.

For example, imagine that you have finished building your website and you need to get the overall impression that it reflects you would zoom to page to see what the whole picture looks like. The zoom to drawing option is good for when you need to zoom in on the elements drawn in your workspace, but yet keep all elements visible on the page. Selection zoom allows you to focus in on a specific object or group of objects so that you can do up close edits that require fine tune editing. Lastly the zoom by factors feature in Xara Web Designer allows you to zoom in increments based on percentages.

Overall I would say that the zoom tool will be very important depending on how complex of a design you are working with.

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