How To: Use vignettes with Lightroom

Use vignettes with Lightroom

This video tutorial is in the software category where Kerry Garrison will show you how to use vignettes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. By this you can remove the dark corners in a photo created by some zoom lenses. Select the photo, kick in the vignettes and fade out the corners focusing on the main subject matter. For this, select 'lens correction' on the right hand side and with the help of the sliders apply the vignettes. You have the choice of applying either a light or a dark vignette. In Lightroom 1.4, if you crop the picture after applying vignettes, then you will not get the effect in the cropped picture. But, in Lightroom 2.0 you can apply vignettes to the cropped picture by selecting the 'vignettes' tool.

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