How To: Use Studio One

Use Studio One

Studio one single window interface now eliminates multiple windows and complex menus enabling to focus on music in an easy way. The important music creation and production tools are instantly accessible. Studio one directly opens into the start page by default. Here we can find the recent files that enable to easily choose the ongoing productions. The default page also helps to open tutorials and demo songs. We can create songs on the song page using hot keys to access various panels. For example we can press "F3" to open mix console, "F5" for the browser, where we can quickly locate instruments, effects, audio files and more. We can open the editor by pressing "F2", which gives us a focused and precise view of any event that we select in the arrangement. The project page gives us integrated mastering tools that we can access even when a song is opened. Pressing control tab switches between these windows. These are some of the basic features of Studio One.

This video helps us to understand some of the basic features of studio One.

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