How To: Use the Selection Tool in Xara Web Designer

Use the Selection Tool in Xara Web Designer

Learn to re-size, position, re-shape, rotate and skew objects using selection tool in Xara Web Designer.

Note: If shift key is held down while re-sizing, object will grow equally in all directions.

The selection tool is a vital web design tool. The reason it is a essential web design tool is because it is what will allow you to manipulate objects. The selection tool does exactly what it's name implies and that is to select and edit objects in your web design space. Also the selection tool can select behind objects as well using a special shortcut although not shown in this web design tutorial.

  1. Open Xara Web Designer.
  2. Create an object in your workspace so that we can select it.
  3. Practice the techniques shown in video because it is a vital step to designing in Xara Web Designer.
  4. Ask questions if you were not able to follow the tutorial and stay tuned for future videos.

If you would like to learn more about how to select behind objects let us know. The most common action you will likely use for web design is positioning objects in your web design projects.

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