How To: Use LightScribe with a Nimbie NB11 disc burner

Use LightScribe with a Nimbie NB11 disc burner

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to light-scribe with a Nimbie BB11 disc burner. This device is an auto disc loading system that allows the user to light-scribe multiple disc without manually inserting them one-by-one. Simply load the disc into the machine with the labels faced down. On your desktop, double-click on the Q-Q-Box icon to start the program. Start up the labeling function, select a desires image and quantity up to 100. Then click on Print. The machine will then product light-scribed labels onto the disc(s). This video will benefit those viewers who have a Nimbie NB11 disc burner, and would like to learn how to light-scribe discs to produce labeled images to enhance the appearance of their discs.

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