How To: Use Google Earth and explore the universe

Use Google Earth and explore the universe

This video shows how to download and use Google Earth. To download it, go to and click “Download Google Earth”. Then follow the directions according to where you want to save it, and it will automatically be installed. You will see an icon pop up on your desktop. Double click on the icon to open Google Earth.

You can type in the name of a place and it will take you right to it; or type in the name of a business it will give you directions. You can also add a pin number to remember where a place is.

It has beautiful satellite pictures. If you click on Sun it will show you where the sun is in the world at any given time and where it’s dark, and what time sunset is in your area. You can see the other planets by clicking on Sky or Mars. In Sky it will bring up all the constellations and you can learn about them by clicking on them. If you click on Mars you can explore many different areas on that planet. You can print out an image, email it, view it in Google maps, and lots of other cool stuff.

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Cool, cool, cool.... Highly recommend this.... For sometimes I #Wonder How To....

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