How To: Unwrap in Blender

Unwrap in Blender

In order to unwrap and object and export it in Blender, you will need to import and object in blender, by go to "file". Click on "import". Click on "wavefront". Then, go to the parent directory. Select the object, by right clicking. Then, go into edit mode via the drop down menu, underneath the object. When your "normals" are visible and facing the right direction. Next, the object needs a UV layout. Right click to get split panel. Go to materials. You will need to name your object. Click on "options". Click on UV image editor, for the second screen. For the other object, click on "menu", "face", and "select". Press the letter A to select the old object. Unwrap smart rejections. Click "page OK". Click on "UV", in the UV options panel. Verify that everything is the way that you want it. Next, rename the object the same name that you gave it before. Click on "file" and "pack data". Go to "file" and click on "export". Choose a file to send it to.

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