How To: Start a screen share on iChat

Start a screen share on iChat

This video tutorial from pirateskool presents how to enable screen share function in iChat application in Leopard operating system.Firstly, you need to ensure Screen Sharing function is enabled. From menu dock on your desktop, choose System Preferences option.In the opened window select Sharing. Make sure Screen Sharing is checked.Now you can close system preferences window.To establish screen sharing you need another user, who has Leopard operating system and iChat communication application.You also need Internet connection.Open iChat, make sure you are online, then select contact you want to share screen with.Click Screen Sharing icon at the bottom of application.You will have two options: share My Screen or ask contact to share his screen with you.Screen sharing window will pop up showing connecting progress, then you will be actually able to see your contact's desktop and control all his computer's windows and programs.If you want to go back to your screen just click Switch to My Computer icon at left bottom corner of the screen.The better your Internet connection is the better iChat Screen Sharing experience will be.

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