How To: Reverse video in VirtualDub

Reverse video in VirtualDub

Learn how to reverse video in VirtualDub. Start by going to, scroll down until you see the downloading and installing section and click winderstat1.1.2 Setup. The link directs you to SourceForge where it asks you to save the file, click yes. double click the saved file, run the security warning, accept the license by clicking next, click next again unless you want to customize your download. Click install. Click Next when completed and program will run when you click close. Now it will ask which drive to choose in case you have more than one, when you click OK, windirstat will scan everything before showing you a screen with all your files, on the right you'll see color codes for different file types. On the left you will see the % of space taken by a folder on your hard drive. On the bottom you can see which files take up the most space. By clicking on a color on the bottom it will direct you to the left to see how much GB you are using with that file.

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If anyone managed to understand toastykitten's instruction on how to reverse video in VirtualDub, please indulge me...

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