How To: Model a full cartoon character in Blender 3D

Model a full cartoon character in Blender 3D

Writer, Director and Producer Johnathan Williamson shows you how to model a simple cartoon character in Blender 3D from start to finish. This is just a simple character but demonstrates the principles of character modeling in Blender 3D. Once you know these basics you can move on to your own complex creations. It will help if you know your way around the Blender 3D interface.

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yes, i found this amazing but i did have a a short disclaimer i am still new to blender so that should explain it, but how do u get it to mirror what u do? i try activating the X-axis mirror key but then i try editing the cube and it doesn't mirror itself, any advice?

I am pretty new too, but I just did a follow along and it took about 2-3 hours to go all the way through (mainly due to having to lookup/learn the hotkeys). Really great follow-along vid! Would be perfect with the hotkeys shown. :D Anyway, to answer your question tyguitaxe001, look at about 14:40 in the vid. That is the easiest way to set your starting cube. Mirror, turn off Do Clip, position, turn on Do Clip and merge the cubes into each other. Just remember to delete the internal faces that it creates!

when i use the mirror modifier, i can't seem to get vertices on the mirrored side...i've done a lot of googling on this and can't seem to find a solution. thanks!

upon further review, you click in the circle above and to the left of the "apply" button in the mirror modifier menu

WOW, speechless. I cannot wait to get to the level of creating a character in 22 minutes from a single cube. practice, practice, practice! i wish i didn't have a job so i could practice all day long. great job! BUT ONE COMPLAINT! You made the rump a "white ass" by dragging it down and flattening it...what gives!?? It was PEERFECT teh way it was! :P

how do i merge the faces together i can get to face view but i don't know how to merge them into one like he does when making the shoulders anyone help?

In face mode Select 2 faces that you want to merge and press the F-key and choose Make Fgon from the menu that pops up.

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