How To: Master and mix a hip-hop song using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

Master and mix a hip-hop song using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

In this how to video, you will learn how to master and mix a rap song using Cool Edit Pro 2. First, download the program and open the vocal track in the program. Double click the vocals to highlight it all. Next go to effects and pick amplitude and amplify. Choose center wave and click okay. Go to amplitude again and choose dynamic processing. Choose very fast processing. Go to delay effects and type in 250, 10, 1812, 20, 100%, and 30% in the window. Next, go to filters and pick FTT filters. Select mastering and choose gentle and wide. Go to effects and filters. Choose graphic equalizer and select spit clear. Next, go to effects and filters. Choose parametric equalizer and choose loudness. These effects will bring out your voice, but will also bring out hisses. Go to quick filters and add bass boost. Go to effects, amplify, and choose hard limiting. Enter 6.5 db, 1.8, 7ms, and 100ms. Make sure that the boxes at the bottom are checked before hitting okay. Vocals and also be amplified, but do not do it too much as it will distort. Save the file and change the quality in the options menu if you want.

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