How To: Make a stuffed animal in Girlsense

Make a stuffed animal in Girlsense

In this how to video, you will learn how to make a stuffed animal in Girlsense. To do this, open the program and select a long dress. Make the dress black. Next, create an outline of the stuffed animal at the bottom of the dress. Next, erase the body and any excess areas of dress. Next, select the stamps and choose a circular shape. Increase the size so that it covers the interior of the stuffed animal shape. Choose the color you want. Next, select a triangular shape and choose a color for it, as it will be the interior of the eyes. Use the stamps to create the eyes and feet. Once this is done, use the cut tool to refine the shape of the arms. Now click save and select leave where I put it. Select not for sale and then save it. Your stuffed animal is complete.

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