How To: Make an old style photograph in Lightroom

Make an old style photograph in Lightroom

In this tutorial, Yanik Chauvin teaches us how to create an old-style looking photo starting from a grayish, underexposed one, using the software "Lightroom". He starts by creating a virtual copy of it, and then he adds a Camera Calibration preset named Camera Landscape and increases the exposure. After that, he crops the image removing the blank parts of the photo, and adjusts Contrast, Blacks and Clarity to strength the image borders.
As we want a sepia effect without losing some natural colors, he uses the Split Toning tab, and selects a yellow-brown color.. After adjusting again Saturation, he adds a "vignette" effect, and then, using the graduated filter, creates a contrast from the blue of the water and the yellow of the sky. Last thing to do, to get a real old-style look, is to add some Gaussian noise...and that's it!

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