How To: Make lightsaber glow effects in lsmaker

Make lightsaber glow effects in lsmaker

Make light saber glow effects in lsmakerThe author found freeware that helps create light sabers. The freeware is not as good as adobe after effects, but it will serve the purpose. Download the software from the website http://www.lsmaker.uw.hulpage.php?main=lsmaker.html. Extract the folder. Open lsmaker.exe. Save the extracted file to the desktop. Select import. Add either picture or video file. Change the saber color to red. Click ok. The blade needs to be white. In the dialog box change pieces to 6 and flat to 1. Plot points on either side of the saber. Go over 2 boxes over to the color in the dialog box. It should be 0 render with color. Preview the saber. If it needs enhancement, go to the dialog box. To adjust the second saber, go from layer 0 to layer 1. To view both sabers, press reader fram j or j on the keyboard. If you have problems going to the next frame, use the right arrow on the keyboard which will take you to the next picture. When you have completed the adjustments, click export at the top of the page.

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