How To: Make easy flyers in Easy Flyer Creator

Make easy flyers in Easy Flyer Creator

In this tutorial, we learn how to design custom flyers using Easy Flyer Creator. First, start a new deign in the software, then delete all graphics so the page is blank. Next, add in a background to the flyer and resize it to fit onto the entire page. Now, right click on the picture and choose 'set as background'. Now, add another picture on the page, then move it to your desired location to fit on the bottom of the page. After this, you can edit the picture further, if needed. When you are done with this, you can add in more pictures and text as well. If you are doing a flyer for a home, you can add in pictures of the inside and outside of the home, as well as different information about the house. Change the color/size of the font as you prefer. When finished, make sure to save your flyer and enjoy!

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