How To: Make a DVD on a Mac using "Burn"

Make a DVD on a Mac using "Burn"

If you want to make a DVD on a Mac using 'Burn' you should first you need to open your web browser and go to the Burn application website. Here, you should click on the download link and download the program. Now, open up the burn application. You can work with just the Audio, Video or do a complete copy. To do a DVD go to the Video tap and click on DVD. Now, click the plus button, find the file you want to make a DVD of and open it. If you need to convert it to a compatible file, choose yes and pick where you want to save it. Now, find that converted file and open it on the program Burn. Now you can name the DVD what you want and then put in your blank DVD and insert it into your computer. Click 'Burn' and allow the video to burn to your blank DVD. Now when the process is complete you can watch the DVD on your computer or TV.

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