How To: Make a crossword puzzle grid in Inkscape

Make a crossword puzzle grid in Inkscape

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a crossword puzzle grid in the Inkscape software. Perfect if you want to start creating your own crosswords!

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There are better methods to create a grid. One easy way is to:
- create a white square with a black border
- make sure the square is selected
- go to Edit -> Clone -> Create Tiled Clones...
- Click "reset," choose "P1: simple translation," choose the number of rows and columns you want and click "Create"

Your grid is now ready. Since these are clones, and you would want each square to be editable individually, you should select all square (Ctrl + A) and then go to Edit -> Clone -> Unlink Clone.
This will release all square to individual rectangles.

If you just need a grid (not for a cross-word puzzle), you should check out the grid effect which can be found in Effects -> Render -> Grid.


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