How To: Import media from a hard drive in Corel Video Studio

Import media from a hard drive in Corel Video Studio

This video tutorial from toptenreviews presents how to import media from a hard drive into Corel Video Studio library.First you need to start the application.From top menu click on Capture tab. Normally you would select one of the four options to capture media: Capture video, DV quick scan, Import digital media, Import from mobile device.These options are below the library. But in this case you will need to click on the folder icon above the library.This action will bring up a dialogue box where you can navigate your hard drive and find media file you want to import.Once you've selected the file or files click Open.Depending on media size it make take some time to import it.Once it's imported you can find it in your media library. Select imported file from your library. Now click Edit tab from top menu. It will be opened in timeline window and you can continue working on your project.

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