How To: Hear/view any audio or video file on your Windows PC

Hear/view any audio or video file on your Windows PC

In this ClearTechInfo tutorial the instructor shows with examples on how to hear and view any audio or video file on your Windows PC. This is a basic tutorial where the instructor shows how to open and play them. Video files in many formats are not recognized directly by the Windows media player like the avi format and mkv format files. Even if we try to open these files it shows an error message that the file is not supported by the player. So in order to play these kind of files we need to download a media player called the VLC Media Player. This media player can be downloaded at the website shown in the video. The tutorial further shows how to install this player and play any kind of files using this player. VLC player is a robust player that can play any file irrespective of the format as it contains codecs to help it play these files. This video shows how to play any kind of video or audio files by using a media player called VLC Media Player.

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