How To: Hack MD5 passwords with Cain and Abel

Hack MD5 passwords with Cain and Abel

Whatever your reasons for doing it, if you are trying to hack passwords, it helps to have the right software for getting the job done. With the Cain and Abel program, you will be well on your way to hacking even the toughest personal passwords.

Visit us at and join our forum! NOTE QUIT FUCKING ASKING ME TO CRACK SOFTWARE FOR YOU! I GET ABOUT 1 Message every 2 days from somebody! Password Cracking with Oxid's Cain and Abel! Cracking passwords - How to crack passwords. Cain and abel allows you to crack passwords through an easy to use GUI. It allows cracking via bruteforce, rainbow tables, or dictionary methods... Cain and Abel is a security tool with many great features! One of these is it's hash cracking feature. Cain can use either dictionary, rainbow tables, or pure brute-force attack vectors for analyzing and deciphering hashed passwords! This video uses Cain to crack an MD5 hash of the string "hello". MD5 hashes are commonly used among web developers who store usernames and passwords in a SQL database. This is so that if an attacker breaks into the website, he can't simply read everyone's password! The website hashes the user's password when he registers and stores the hash in the SQL database. Then, when he wishes to login, he enters his password into the HTML form and hits the "Submit" or "Login" button. The server takes the password he entered, hashes it, and compares it to the hash in the database. If it matches, he gets logged in, otherwise it fails. This hashing process makes sites much more secure, but with the correct utilities and training, about 98% of the passwords used across the Internet can be cracked within a matter of hours!!!

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Hi Great video thanks you explained alot but how do i find the MD5 hash of a certain website i want the password to i.e Facebook

Yes i also want the MD Has of the password eg- facebook

Kudos just for bringing out C&A. Wonderful tool to have. It took me a long time o learn to utilize this tool at it's max capacity. In my opinion it's in the top 3. with the ripper leading but that goes with your flavor. I use Cain more than any mainly because I invested so much time in it I'm comfortable with my strategies. Great tutorial.

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