How To: Get free music online

Get free music online

A quick video showing how to get free music online. May take a couple minutes per song. To prove quality I used the song i download in the video as background music. "I Wish" by Skee-Lo

You could download the following free programs.
or download iExtractMP3 from the link below.



And Perian

Install Perian first and follow the instructions on the video.

On web sites other than Youtube it may take longer to find the largest file.

Doing this method provides free music but not the best quality. if you want the best quality you need to buy it, although i cant notice a difference in song qualities.

The Best website is because you can download just the music file if you select song.

New program found, it is called iExtractMP3 download at

This program greatly reduces time it takes to change flv to mp3, is a very small download, and is easier to use. although the quality is slightly reduced it is much easier.
Th upside of this program is if you don't need perian or any other program.

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