How To: Extract part of a photo in Xara Xtreme

Extract part of a photo in Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme makes it easy to learn how to extract part of photo.

First in the main page we have to select window and photo_extract in Xara. Now you will have a picture in the screen.

Take Layer gallery and select tick second box of original photo that will help you to edit the part. Click new layer and name it.

Now you are going to edit with the shape editor tool. Then select the other tools and make a line. Make a curve, then select smooth join, then cusp join, then zoom tool and hand tool. This will help you to enlarge the photo. Zoom it and adjust it with curves when you extract the photo.

Next, select tick mark box and select arrange, then select shapes options in it and intersect shapes in it.

Select Layer gallery and tick Agni option there. Now the extracted part will be in a new page. With the help of Pixels box you can edit the extracted part accurately. Then go to window and select photo_extract in Xara. The work is over.

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