How To: Do the auto-tune effects with Mixcraft

Do the auto-tune effects with Mixcraft

Auto tune is a popular effect made popular by T-pain. To do this you will need two programs. The first one is Auto-tune and the other one is music editing program called Mix craft. You can also use other music editing programs of your choice. Download this programs from their website. You can also use the trial versions. Now open up Mix Craft and under the effects you can find the Auto Tune effects in VST effects. Open some kind of music. Double click and import the required music. You can also use WavePad to record your music. To record all you need to use is open a new file and press the record button. Using this tool can be very simple and effective. This video shows how to use the Auto-Tune effect that is present in the Mix craft music edition program and produce the T-pain effect.

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