How To: Create and Save Documents in Xara Web Designer

Create and Save Documents in Xara Web Designer

This web design tutorial is for newcomers to the Xara Web Designer software. In this web design tutorial, you will learn how to open a new document and save it using save as and save option.

This Xara Web Designer 7 Premium tutorial also covers in-depth the reasoning behind save methods. It will show you the basic principle of saving and protecting your web design work. We will look at the dialogue menu and identify the important parts you should be familiar with to save your web design work.

Although this stuff is considered simple to longtime PC users, it's usually an area that people struggle with comprehending, so I think this is a good guide for everyone.

  1. Open Xara Web Designer.
  2. Go to your menu in upper left hand corner of screen and click File and it will bring up a menu that will show all of your save options.
  3. Follow the recommend saving procedures presented throughout the video tutorial.
  4. Get ready for the next tutorial because we will start getting into how to use the tools bar in Xara Web Designer.

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