How To: Convert video to wide format in Sony Movie Studio

Convert video to wide format in Sony Movie Studio

When you upload your videos onto YouTube, you will need to have your video in wide screen format, if you want to avoid having black bars on either side of your video. In order to do that, with Sony Movie Studio, you will need to go to "project". Click on "properties". Next, change the properties to correlate with widescreen format. You can save a template for this, in order to avoid having to manually enter the changes each time. Your properties should be changed to the following: "widescreen HQ for YouTube, 640 width, 360 height, 30 frame rate, progressive scan field order, and a 1.0000 pixel aspect ratio. Next, go to your video. Click on the pan/crop icon. The "event pan/crop " window will pop up. Right click and select match output aspect. This will change your video to match the new properties that you just input. You will need to do this for each clip. On custom template, you should have 2.5 high-speed Internet. Next, save it.

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