How To: Convert movie files to DVD player-playable video

Convert movie files to DVD player-playable video

In this video from Act2Scene5 we learn how to convert movie files to DVD player playable video using ConvertXtoDVD. All you have to do is take a movie file and drag it into the interface. The program will import it into the program. Once it's in the application, you have several options you can do. You can change the name of the DVD so you can name it. You can also set the DVD to auto start. You can use loop playback where the video will restart after watching it through. Another option is to play multiple files one after another. Skip root menu will skip the menu. Other settings you can choose are setting your burn speed. It's highly recommended you leave it at the default setting. With your DVD in there, all you need to do is convert your DVD and it will burn onto the blank DVD. You will actually get a preview of what your menu will look like and then it will burn your movie file. When it finishes, it will say Operation Complete. Click OK, and your copied DVD will eject.

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