How To: Build a website in Aperture

Build a website in Aperture

Instead of using Photoshop, why not give Apple's Aperture a try? Aperture is designed more for post-production work for professional photographers, letting you cull through shoots, enhance images, manage massive libraries, and deliver stunning photos.

Watch this video tutorial on how to build a website in Aperture. Publishing your images on the web is a powerful and cost-effective way to showcase your work and provide online proofs for your clients. Aperture completely automates the process of webpage creation with a built-in web authoring environment. Learn how to use Aperture's powerful web authoring tools to create online proofs and showcase your work.

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Excellent and down to earth tutorials. I am a 63 yrs old professional photographer and am struggling to get to grip with digital online technology. I have tried fetting help from a number of sources at great cost but nothing has been better than your short and to the point tutorials. Keep up the good work.

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