How To: Add a virtual frame in Lightroom

Add a virtual frame in Lightroom

This video teaches the method to add a virtual frame in Lightroom. The frames can be black or white. Go to the 'Develop' module. Open your Vignettes box. Go to the post-crop section. Slide the last three sliders to the leftmost position. Move the 'Amount' slider to the left to choose black frame and to the right side to choose white frame. The frame is rounded on the upper two corners. The 'Roundness' slider is used to round the frame inwards until a complete circle is obtained when the slider is at the rightmost position. Use the 'Midpoint' slider to move the frame outwards and inwards. The 'Feather' slider is used to add feathers to the photo. Thus, you can use Lightroom to create frames.

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