How To: Add sound effects and audo controls to Sony Movie

Add sound effects and audo controls to Sony Movie

Learn to add sound effects and audio controls to Sony Movie with this video. 1. First, go to your audio track in Sony Movie Studio. Under voice (on the left) click the effects button. 2. You can use the 3 included or click the plus in the upper right corner. 3. You can use any. One is VST. If you want the radio one, then click it and then click OK. 4. You can adjust it as it is playing. Click effect removal and then the plus to try other effects. 5. To get VST effect, go to google and search for free vst effects.
6. Once downloaded, to install, go to options>preferences>VST effects. 7. The folder named there is the one you want to put your effects in. Click refresh to see ones you have added.

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