How To: Add 3D objects to your videos

Add 3D objects to your videos

Software needed: Voodoo motion tracker, virtual dub and blender Open virtual dub. File, open video file, select video. You want to motion track. File, export image sequence. Export as a series of picture files. Create a project folder to keep all files. Open voodoo. File, load sequence, select the first picture file. Click open which will open the rest. Click ok. File, load initial camera track. Change type of file to your video type. Start tracking. When you see the dialog box, click "yes." File, save, save as a blender python script to project file folder. Export all. Ok. Open blender. Erase the stage. Hit A twice, hit delete to erase all. Change view to text editor. Right click and open. Open blender python file. Right click and choose execute script. Go to 3rd view. Hit 0 on number pad for camera view. You will see all motion tracking dots. F10 to see the animation box. Change the end frame. Click do sequence box. View background image. Load. Select first target picture file. Click sequence box, auto refresh. Change number of frames to number of target pictures. Hit space bar, add, mash, monkey. Resize object. Place in video.

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