How To: Access free streaming TV and radio using VLC Player

Access free streaming TV and radio using VLC Player

A video tutorial on how to get free streaming TV and radio using the VLC media player. A simple one click procedure to get free streaming television and radio.

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dont work

It will work...go under additional on shoutcast tv...then click on on shoutcast tv and there are the channels listed.

thanks for the clip

it is work, unfortunately not all channels is available to play

this is cool

if using newest version, click media>service discovery. next click view>playlist. sorted. :)

pls give detail of how to hacking the free internet using mobile pls send to

how can i stream this from my pc to my ps3? i am currently streaming woys on my pc with tversity, but wuld also like to do this with the vlc p[layer too. thanks mate.

Did not work...


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