Forum Thread: How to Convert Movies, TV Shows and Other Videos to iPad MP4

This video will describe you how to convert movies, TV shows and other videos to iPad MP4. A converter is software you have to download from internet and use it to convert files like movie, TV shows into iPad mp4 format.

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Thanks for your nice sharing. As for me, I'm used to convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4 format to play on Samsung smart TV. We know all iTunes purchased or rented videos are in M4V which DRM protected, making it impossible to be played on Apple unauthorized devices. If you really want to enjoy these videos on Android phone, Windows media player, Amazon Fire TV, etc. Maybe you can use DRM removal program-DRM Media Converter to get rip of DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4 and multiple compatible formats without hampering quality at faster speed. Maybe you can check more info on here. Hope this tip is useful to you.

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